Indian Bangles

Indian Bangles

The Indian bangle, known as choori or chudi in Pakistan, is an integral part of the traditional dress of women in the country. For centuries, these colorful and ornate pieces of jewelry have been worn as a symbol of femininity, beauty and grace. The choori is a rigid bracelet, usually made of metal, glass or plastic, and is often decorated with intricate designs in a variety of colors.

The designs often depict traditional motifs such as flowers, animals, birds and geometric patterns. While some are plain and unadorned, others may be embellished with enamel, rhinestones or semi-precious stones. The choori is typically worn as a pair, with one on each wrist, or as a single bangle on the upper arm. In some parts of the country, it is common to wear multiple bangles of different colors, styles and sizes on the same arm.

The traditional choori is not only a fashion accessory, but also a symbol of cultural identity and pride. In many parts of Pakistan, wearing a choori is a sign of being married, as some believe it represents the bond between husband and wife. In recent years, the popularity of Indian bangles in Pakistan has grown dramatically.

Women of all ages have embraced the trend and are now wearing a variety of choori styles to accessorize their outfits. Whether they are wearing the traditional metal bangles or more modern plastic varieties, Pakistani women are showing that they are proud of their roots and are not afraid to express themselves through fashion.

The Indian bangle is an important part of Pakistani culture and is sure to remain a staple of traditional dress for many years to come.

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